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     Fire Department Uniform Patch        

The Bellaire Fire Station 2002


Bellaire Fire Department History

Chemical Fire Engine
Chemical Engine - Fire Department Postcard
Date Unknown

Hook and Ladder
Hook and Ladder
Date Unknown

Bellaire's first City Building
First City Building, which was torn down in 1902 to construct the second City Building, was home to the first volunteer fire department of Bellaire.
Duquesne Hook and Ladder Company, Bellaire
Duquesne Hook and Ladder
Bellaire, Ohio
Date of Picture unknown - possibly early 1900/1910

1902 Bellaire City Officials
Photograph from 1902 of Bellaire's City Officials - Mayor Charles Rodewig; Councilmen H. C. Fuhr, J. H. Murray, Thomas Powers, L. C. Battelle and his son Gordon, L. W. Gilcher, Clarence Simpson, and Charles Wise; Emil Schmidt, council president; Dr. Joseph Piersol, vice-president; City Clerk F. W. Jackson; Street Commissioner William Shannefelt; Solicitor Cook Danford; Treasurer C. W. Dickens; Engineer A. J. Norton; Police Chief Albert "Cooney" Mahone; and Fire Chief James Fitton.  Photo courtesy Mrs. Margaret Simpson.

Bellaire Fire Department
Bellaire Fire Department Postcard
Date unknown
Bellaire Firefighters at 28th and Belmont Streets
City of Bellaire Fire Fighters at 28th and Belmont Streets, looking West at Imperial Glass Co.

The Bellaire Fire Station 2002
Bellaire Fire Department
24th and Belmont Streets


Former Fire Station in north Bellaire
The former Gravel Hill Fire Station 4414 Noble Street.


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